“I wanted everything to stay the same, but feelings fade and things change..” My abhorrence for ‘changes’ can definitely do no wonders, they occur long time back but having realized them takes it damn all away!!!                                                         

Today, while sitting at the high table, dining with a person, perhaps with whom I have shared the most of my childhood rather shared the most of me….I realised that our relation had suffered through much of a reorientation. And to my surprise what made me agnize this, were none other than the little red pickled onions!! Doesn’t it sound weird?? But, yeah… We were sitting beside each other when these little onions entered into the scenario. There were many of them, amazingly pinkish and smelling extraordinarily tempting. We took one for ourselves and I was looking desperately at this forever companion of mine, I was eagerly waiting for her to simper and say ‘Remember?!’. But…humph!! Glancing at her face, I could visualise and elicit us in those days, when we literally fought for those onions. We just grabbed them through the tiny fingers of ours. We rolled it down our fingers, we wore them in all of our five fingers and after much of teasing each other, we would just bolt them down.                                                                          

But, now it is quieter and to be honest, severely painful!! “In the judiciary of life, it is stated that CHANGE IS THE LAW OF LIFE…but having lost all of those little things which rendered us with pleasure and complacency feels like an injustice of LIFE! ”  
                                                              SONAL DUGAR❤️


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