What Is She Up To?

Surprisingly, a capricious and an adverse thought halted in my mind. Today, a beautiful conversation fostered something special within me!

I and my younger sister were at my cousin’s place. Obviously, being the younger one, she gets a lot more attention than I do. There is always someone after her to squeeze her cheeks and embrace her. Younger ones are always the attention seekers, I believe! They act unusually well mannered and ‘normal’ but the elder ones know what they’re actually up to! Mine is extremely naughty and cheeky.

And while I was watching all this happening, my cousin sister came to me and started to explain how fortunate I am to have such a cute sister. She questioned me why I do not pay attention to her. My reply was quite obscure! I told her that I pay thorough attention to the real ‘her’. She acts in a pretentious manner here because she wants to present herself in a way, you people like her.

“Her real persona is limited to you and is not unveiled before us. Well, is that the reason you do not like her?” she asked.

As I was compelled to answer, my mindset went through a sudden alter. This time, my answer was clear enough which did not only shut her up but also it left her with a wonderful smile. I replied,” True, I do not like her as much as you do. But…yeah, that’s exactly the reason why I love her far more than you guys do!!”

I realized something remarkable today, “Having multiple faces isn’t any bad but what’s essential is to have a pure

An old picture of ours!

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