A Woman-to-be..

I and my cousin were sitting in a room, watching television and, to brake the monotony we started talking about random topics.  Eventually, the conversation grew a little more serious when she began to tell me something. She narrated an incident which lately took place. While, she walked out of a metro station, she came across some ignoble boys who attempted to annoy her and behaved inaptly. Somehow, she managed to elude from that grotty mob. While, she was narrating the entire incident, I could imagine the whole situation through her doleful eyes.And all of a sudden, a weird grin broke across her face. She said,”That day, I wasn’t disgusted because something like that happened to me but because I was standing there unable to stimulate myself, just standing there without uttering a single word, just standing amongst that swarm, helpless and ashamed of myself.” Her firmly clenched teeth could clearly indicate how frustrated she was with her silence that day. Nowadays, maybe women is a usual topic to write. This incident is not at all the reason behind this post but what happened next was what inspired me to write it down. 
After listening to her, I asked her whether she had told her elder sister about this or not and has this ever happened with her too…!!

Her answer was true but bitter and crude..She replied, “Yup, I told her…I haven’t really asked her about this, I don’t know but yeah, certainly, it must have happened with her too”

I mean, is it a tradition or something that every woman has to go through.This nefariousness is so usually occuring and widespread!!

I had to gather a lot of courage to write this down.. I am not quite mature and grown up to comment upon anything, but to be honest, having been exposed to such a society is really mournful!! 

12 thoughts on “A Woman-to-be..

  1. Nice blog you have…:)….well, about your post I can say that things are slowly changing to be positive, much more happy, much more sane than they were some time….and we can only hope things to get better much more……some negative elements will always be there to create unhappiness….but we have to be positive and allow only good thoughts and happiness in our minds….:)…that’s what I feel…..

  2. Absolutely true..but still criticism will help expelling out the negative factors prevailing in our society. Just a small thought and a little step towards this!! Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope you liked my other posts too:)

  3. I live in a small town, but I have traveled a lot and lived in three different cities and I can say by my experiences that is not only common but also recurrent.
    I will tell you what happens in Mumbai, specially in local trains. Because of work I used to travel by locals in peak hours and the rush is unbearable especially for someone like me who has her own vehicle at her hometown and is from a town where the maximum distance that she had to travel was approx a half an hour away. So it bothered me a lot in Mumbai. But i was happy with work. But most of my journey’s contained lewd stares, unwanted touching across the station and glares you’d probably not seen anywhere.
    Men over there literally wold push you out of your way, I say half of the time there are in rush and they don’t even realise if they are pushing away men or women but the other half are just in search of ways to glare you, stare you and literally touch you. And every woman knows how that feels. Sure when someone complains about this, the action is taken, even the men around help but how often do you do that? And how often can you do that? Every day there are different men and different situations sometimes they help sometimes they give you deaf ear.
    My solution wasn’t simple, i took to women trains, used to leave early from home only to get less people around and sometimes even kill time somewhere later at the end of the day so as not to bump into men.
    It is not the case of only locals, it is everywhere and we as women find such solutions which are out of our way and yet really don’t do enough.
    This is how sad and mournful our society is.

    1. First of all…it was the largest comment I have ever received:))
      But, thank you for sharing your experience with a young woman like me who hasn’t completely seen the world yet.
      I am glad you took out time to read this post!! I am really grateful..♥♥

  4. Hi Sonal
    Your concern is so pertinent it is not the harassment but our inability to oppose it. Most young woman show no resistance because they feel that it would provoke problems for them. All such incidents should be handled firmly this not only raises your self esteem but also garners the respect of others.

    1. How true it is… women, not be a crying baby, this is the main motive of my post which I wanted to convey through this very incident!! I really loved your genuine words for a young woman like me.. I really liked you dropped by